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Gutter guard

  • No more climbing ladders.
  • No more cleaning out gutters and down pipes.
Gutterguard is easy to install, and needs no extra fittings as it uses the clips already supporting the guttering to secure it

What is Gutterguard?

Gutterguard is a new, patented* system  consisiting of lengths of galvanised steel mesh. Designed and made in the UK, it encapsulates the whole gutter.

  • Gutterguard  sits 10mm below the existing edge of the gutter, so it can’t lift off and is not visible from the ground.
  • Fallen leaves can't get into the gutter and are simply blow away in the wind.
  • Rainwater drains through the mesh and flows along your gutters and down your down pipes without obstruction.
  • Where two lengths of Gutterguard join, we provide cover strips, so teaves can’t work their way into the gutter.
  • Gutterguard can also be supplied with fold-over ends where installation is for  just one section of guttering, for example on a terraced house.



Does Gutterguard fit any type of gutter?

gutter shape


Yes, we have a style of Gutterguard to fit. - it does not matter what type of gutter you have
We also fit non-standard types of guttering.

Gutterguard - the simple way to keep your gutters free and flowing!



4 step fitting

Gutterguard is a the perfect solution for ensuring your gutters will never need cleaning again, meaning::

  • No more climbing ladders
  • No more calling out tradesmen
  • No more worrying over blocked downpipes
Contact us today and soon you will never again have to worry about your gutters.
We at Bolton Rooferswe are proud that we only supply the best quality craftsmanship and materials .
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