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Soffits, Fascias and Guttering

A complete inclusive range of PVC fascias,mbargeboards and guttering are avaialble.

Soffits, Fascias and Guttering
We can provide a complete, inclusive range of PVC fascias, bargeboards and guttering. Our PVC Fascias are available in a range of depths to suit the majority of applications

Here at Bolton Roofer, our cellular PVC fascias have the necessary elements to:

  • provide a full choice of styles for a new build
  • replace degraded timber fascias
  • over-cap existing, but sound, fascias
  • use colour to co-ordinate with windows and door systems
  • create individual & traditional roof styles

A range of vented and unvented soffits in cellular PVC suitable for use with our fascias.

We can supply Soffits as flat boards and cladding boards, in unvented and vented formats. A 300mm fluted soffit board is also available, as are a series of joints and ventilation strips which complete the range..


As a decorative feature, Swish Tudor boards can be used at gable ends or along the side of a house Tudor Board is available as a 20mm thick, 150mm wide cellular PVC board in a standard 5m length.

Tudor Boards are available in s choice of four foiled finishes: Mahogany, Light Oak, Rosewood and Black. The foil wraps around both edges of the board providing a fully finished look.

Matching foiled trims are also available for any potentially exposed details or abutments. All foiled boards are guaranteed for 10 years.

We can also supply a range of decorative roofline elements that allow the designer to create an individual feel to a property while retaining the benefits of a standard system.

The range consists of :

  • Decorative bargeboards
  • Decorative fascias
  • Finials and spires
  • Apex finishes
  • Decorative trims

Our Technical Services team are willing and able to develop bespoke elements where there is a commercial requirement.
If you wish to have products with  a reduced carbon footprint, our Rainwater systems are ideal.





rainwater profiles

Our Rainwater systems are unique in the UK in that they contain a high proportion of post consumer recycled PVC.
Recycled material makes up Approximately 84% by weight of our gutters and pipes. It  is derived from old PVC windows and gutter systems that have been removed from buildings when refurbished or demolished.

Gutters and Pipes

Our gutters and pipes are two-tone in appearance. Underneath, the core recycled material is grey and has been purposely left this colour in order to avoid unnecessary use of additional colouring agent.

The outer skin is virgin material that is co-extruded on to the surface of the core, enhancing the finished appearance and aiding colour matching.

The production of PVC components from recycled material requires a fraction of the energy needed to make virgin PVC. Therefore the production of Swish gutter and pipe profiles accounts for approximately 70% less CO2 than would be produced if new material were used throughout. This innovative design results in a far more sustainable product without any compromise in strength, weather resistance or functionality.

We at Bolton Rooferswe are proud that we only supply the best quality craftsmanship and materials .
If you would like to know more about any of our services please get in touch.

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